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TERMINATION OF AGREEMENT 18. 1 to give the house sitter at least 7 days notice of an early termination 18. HOUSE SITTING BOND Cross out if there is not going to be a bond A bond of. must be paid by the house sitter to the homeowner s nominated agent on or before the signing of this agreement. 16. 1 assign the whole or part of the house sitter s interest under this Agreement or 16. 2 sub-let the residential premises without the homeowner s prior written permission or 16. ADDITIONAL TERMS...
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If you'd like to go away for a short while, but you're worried about your house being empty or who's going to feed your dog of cash well you might consider getting a house set up these are people who are happy to live in your house and look after it for short or even quite a long period of time house carers is an organization run by in white it's a kind of dating service for people who want to a house it and the people who need how said it starts a perfect marriage really time of your life went along caught up with him at his office in narrow beam in Sydney we started house carers common October two thousand it's a way it's a win-win for homeowner and house sitter it's very much like a dating service where we're getting accepted homeowner and house sitter and we with providing a mechanism for homeowners to find and select house sitters now the homeowner they're leaving their house they want it to be secure have that lived-in look then 80 pets involved yeah I've been house-sitting for around about a year now and I've covered pretty much every area of the city I work in the city so it doesn't really worry me where I go and I've probably done about 10 house sits now in different places most of the people that I've house set for they've wanted someone to look after their place while they've gone away it's often through winter they're usually older people and most of the time they've got pets that they want looked after while they're gone they want someone to clear their mail out of the mailbox just make their garden look like somebody's still living there and make them make the place look lived in really just for security reasons once the homeowners and the house sitters have exchanged emails a bit and built up a trust they can then arrange to meet now they can even meet in a restaurant, or they could meet in the house sitters home even if the homeowner wants to see how they look after their place or in the homeowners place if I'm meeting with the homeowner the homeowner can observe have it reacting to pets if they've got pets and I think that's possibly a good idea and that goes through what's required so as a matter of building a trust usually the only stipulation is that there's no wild parties or anything well that I've had people to stay in most of the house it's that I've done and there's been no problem whatsoever with that I've discussed it with the homeowner beforehand, and they're fine with it as long as the house is in you know the same state they left it in when they get back they're happy a lot of our people are retired, and they could either be wanting to leave their home and travel for extensive period six months, so we're looking for a house sitter well they could be on the trek around Australia for six months maybe in a caravan, and it's a great opportunity to have have some nice comfortable accommodation, and we have locations in Canberra Gold Coast sunshine coast it's filling in for people who are perhaps even retired, and they...
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